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The 继续教育学院 offers a streamlined application process, student-friendly credit-transfer policies and financial aid to make our academic programs more accessible. We are happy to meet or speak with you to answer questions, provide advice and assist you with the admissions process. 

ladbrokes立博中文版 participates in a wide variety of federal, 状态, 机构, 以及私人财政援助项目. Students admitted into our night and online degree programs are eligible to participate in financial aid programs.

相同学位,相同课程: Our night and online degree programs follow the same program requirements and curriculum as our day programs. And, many of our faculty members teach during the day, at night and online. Continuing Studies students receive the same high-quality education as their fellow students in day programs. 我们的学位课程是完全认可的. 

NEW ONLINE DEGREE COMPLETION PROGRAMS: Criminal Justice, 小学教育, 特殊教育和儿童研究

Complete your degree online in Criminal Justice, 小学教育, Special Education or in our new Childhood Studies program. Both the 小学教育 and Special Education programs are also available as night degree programs. 适用于今天. 更多+

Personal Attention: Meet with Continuing Studies staff

Continuing Studies provides prospective students with many opportunities to learn more about our programs, the admissions process and transferring credits into a baccalaureate night or online degree program. Meet individually with an admissions staff member in person or virtually. We also offer 继续进修讲座s on the Bridgewater campus where you can learn more about our programs and the admissions process. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch a recently recorded webinar. Or, 参加现场直播, virtual event by clicking on one of the events in the CCS即将举办的活动 calendar.


5 Steps to apply for Continuing Studies Night or Online degree programs

应用 for admission into one of BSU’s night or online degree programs is simple. This brief video breaks the process down into five simple steps. 

Video: Completing 继续学习夜或在线学位 Application

Watch a step-by-step tutorial on completing BSU’s Night or Online Application. This video explains who should complete this application and the steps to successfully applying for admission into one of BSU’s night or online undergraduate degree programs.

BSU’s 继续教育学院 offers ongoing webinars that discuss our programs, 我们的学生, the admissions process and transferring credits to BSU’s night and online undergraduate degree programs. This 30-minute video covers a range of topics involving our night and online degree programs. 该网络研讨会于2020年夏季举行.



申请很容易. 点击 应用 button 然后选择 继续学习夜或在线学位 link.  Fill out the Contact Information and create your password. Once you click on the Create Account button, you will be directed to the Continuing Studies application. 完成申请后, please contact all colleges or universities that you have previously attended to request transcripts and start the transfer credit process. 不需要论文.  


Transfer credits: We accept up to 69 credits from a two-year institution and up to 90 credits from a four-year institution whether you earned your credits three months ago or more than 30 years ago.


继续教育学院 - 招生


Use TESS (Transfer Equivalency Self-Service tool) to evaluate how your credits will transfer to Bridgewater. Just answer a series of questions about credits earned to generate a report which may be used as a guide to understand how credits will transfer to Bridgewater. ladbrokes立博中文版苔丝+


Need some help with the Continuing Studies application or would you like to discuss your options about pursuing a bachelor's degree program at night or online? Contact Robyn Ryan, Director of 招生 and Recruitment at 508.531.1896 or  


Click here to access information about Continuing Studies courses, including summer courses. 更多+



Financial aid is available to eligible students. In order to be considered for financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA) and be accepted into a degree program. For more information and complete eligibility requirements, contact the 金融援助 office at 508.531.1341 or


Bridgewater State also offers an interest-free tuition management program where students can stretch the payment of their bill over several months for a small fee. ladbrokes立博中文版 the Student Accounts page for details.